poças wine ar

With more than 100 years of life, Poças is currently in the hands of the 4th generation, being one of the rare Port Wine companies that was born Portuguese and has remained in the hands of the same family since its foundation.

in 2020 the company decide to create a special edition wine related to tongue-twister (trava-línguas). bespoke labels and respective animations were create by renown artists to allow wine lovers an interaction with the bottle using augmented reality.

  • augmented reality ios/android app capable of detecting the label and overlay the animation around the bottle (making this happen in curved surfaces was an additional challenge). each label also has artists details and a multi-layer animation.
  • label qr-code system on wine labels in tandem with dedicated landing page to take the user to the app as fast and smooth as possible. landing page lists all special edition bottles, artist details and where to buy.
  •  facemasks on facebook and instagram