renmei - unite, connect, celebrate

Redefining Event Management with Connectivity and Community.

A revolutionary platform for event management, is set to transform the industry with its emphasis on connectivity and community.

Renmei, derived from the Japanese word for “association” or “alliance,” embodies its mission to unite event organizers and attendees in a shared celebration of experiences. With its user-friendly interface and innovative features, Renmei simplifies event planning, enhances engagement, and fosters lasting connections among participants.

key features:

  • interactive map with option to share location with friends and see mobile map items
  • live capacity control of venue rooms/halls/stages
  • live line-up/calendar with personal agenda
  • news section with push notifications
  • topics section
  • live radio and music playlists
  • AI powered assistant chatbot on website, app, social networks and whatsapp
  • realtime sync between app/website and cms